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Privio Desk Dividing Screen

Privio Desk Dividing ScreenPrivio Desk Dividing ScreenPrivio Desk Dividing ScreenPrivio Desk Dividing ScreenPrivio Desk Dividing ScreenPrivio Desk Dividing Screen
Note: Colours displayed may differ to actual product colour. Where available, samples can be posted out.

Privio Desk Dividing Screen

The Privio desk screens are custom made, allowing for a broad range of sizes and colours, making it a versatile privacy screen solution for any office fitout.

As there are many different options available, please email us for a quote specifically tailored to your needs.

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    Price shown is for base standard product, many options and variations are available. Please look at individual product pages for full pricing details.
    Orders over $5,000 are exempt from the 15% delivery and installation fee. Further volume discounts apply to large orders.
    We specialise in commercial office furniture and only deliver to commercial business premises.
    Prices exclude a delivery fee of 15%, with a minimum charge of $150 per order.
    A surcharge of $45 applies for projects in the Melbourne CBD.
    Delivery and installation is within metropolitan Melbourne unless otherwise specified.
    Installation is based on work in normal business hours and is subject to site access, and excludes stairs.
    All pricing excludes the GST.

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